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Eindhoven lost, but Gotze won a personal victory. In the first two games on behalf of Eindhoven, he scored two goals, and more important than two goals, he gained more confidence. Before joining Eindhoven, he vowed to say that he wanted to return to the national team. This was once considered a joke, but the strategy of insisting on practicing yoga became more and more confident.


In the Eredivisie match against Zwolle last Sunday, people saw such a "skinny" Gotze. It can be seen how much effort Gotze put in. The looming big belly of the past has disappeared. In the opening 9 minutes, Goetze opened the door to victory for the team. After defeating the opponent 3-0 in the away game, he made it very clear: "Give me a few more weeks and I will be even better." Coach Schmidt also praised Regarding Gotze's performance, he said: "This is a typical Gotze goal, very wise. Gotze also performed very well, but he needs to play more games."


After Dortmund was idle for a long time, Gotze did need more games to get his feelings back. He also quickly repaid Schmidt's trust in him with goals-against Granada in La Liga on Thursday night In the UEFA Europa League match, Goetze once again opened the scoring for Eindhoven in stoppage time in the first half. Although Eindhoven was reversed by Granada in the second half, Gotze's performance made Schmidt on the sidelines very satisfied.


After 22 consecutive European games without scoring goals, Goetze finally scored his first European goal in 4 years. The last time he scored in the European game was on September 14, 2016 on behalf of Dortmund against Warsaw Legi. In the Asian game, Dortmund won 6-0. Bild gave a more specific number: 1,499 days. After nearly 1,500 days of waiting, Gotze finally scored in the European arena. This is another typical Gotze-style goal. The teammate flew the header. Gotze, who inserted the ball at high speed in the middle, didn't wait for the ball to volley before the spot. The footwork and force were very good. Wangqiu sighed.

在连续22场没有进球的欧洲比赛之后,Goetze终于取得了四年来的第一个欧洲进球。他上一次在欧洲比赛中进球是在2016年9月14日代表多特蒙德对阵华沙·莱吉。在亚洲比赛中,多特蒙德队以6-0获胜。 Bild给出了一个更具体的数字:1,499天。经过近1500天的等待,Gotze终于在欧洲舞台上取得了进球。这是另一个典型的Gotze风格的目标。队友飞过头球。戈茨(Gotze)在中路高速插入球,他没有等待球在射门前齐射。步法和力量都很好。王秋叹了口气。

After the intermission, Schmidt made a very unexpected decision and he replaced Goetze. However, this decision is also understandable-Gotze does not have the energy to play full 90 minutes, and Eindhoven will face No. 3 Witters this weekend. Schmidt obviously hopes to use good steel on the blade. . Eindhoven's offensive after losing Gotze dropped sharply and was eventually overturned by Granada, but Gotze finally didn't have to worry about the defeat.

中场休息后,施密特做出了一个非常意外的决定,他替换了Goetze。然而,这个决定也是可以理解的-戈茨(Gotze)没有足够的精力去打满90分钟,而埃因霍温(Eindhoven)将在本周末面对第3名维特斯(Witters)。施密特显然希望在刀片上使用优质钢材。 。输给Gotze的埃因霍温的进攻急剧下降,最终被格拉纳达推翻,但是Gotze最终不必担心失败。

Gotze is only 28 years old and he wants to return to the German team. Before joining Eindhoven, this was considered a joke, but after scoring two consecutive games, everything seemed to be different.


As we all know, Goce has metabolic disorders, which are difficult to cure even with Western medicine. Therefore, Goce has been overweight for a long time. Gotze tried to make changes in diet at the beginning, but to no avail, the second entry to Dortmund became a tragedy, and some even thought that his career was about to end.


From July 1st to October 5th, Gotze was unemployed, but he insisted on training, training 6 times a week, twice a day. As a result, when he received a physical examination in Eindhoven, His weight is only 69 kg, which is the lightest weight in his career. German media reported that Gotze practiced yoga with Korean Young-Sun Cho in Nuremberg and received unexpected results. The 37-year-old Korean is the most famous yogi in the German sports world. In addition to giving advice, he also helped players from Monchengladbach and St. Pauli train.

从7月1日至10月5日,Gotze失业亚愽视频,但他坚持接受培训,每周接受6次培训,每天接受两次培训。结果,当他在埃因霍温接受身体检查时,他的体重仅为69公斤,这是他职业生涯中最轻的体重。德国媒体报道称,Gotze在纽伦堡与韩国的Young-Sun Cho一起练习瑜伽,并收到了意想不到的结果。 37岁的韩国人是德国体育界最著名的瑜伽士。除了提供建议外,他还帮助门兴格拉德巴赫和圣保利的运动员训练。

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