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Looking forward to, looking forward to, the new season is finally on the right track, and the Champions League is approaching. Early this morning Beijing time, the 2020/21 season UEFA Champions League group stage draw was announced. Atletico Bayern’s conflicting duel, Real Madrid Inter’s "Emperor and Queen’s Battle", Manchester United’s deep death group, and Melo’s first meeting in the group stage have all aroused topics. The extensive discussion among fans, the passion of football seems to have never been far away. For the clubs participating in the Champions League, this event has more practical significance in the years of sports famine under the impact of the epidemic.


2020 was originally the big year of football. The European Cup America’s Cup kicks off in the summer. Small and medium-sized football clubs are counting on new stars to get transfer funds. Giants look forward to business expansion and expansion. However, the new crown pneumonia suddenly struck, the top league was temporarily suspended, intercontinental events were directly postponed, and global sports quickly fell into a cold winter. With the continuous development of the epidemic, this situation may even become a normal event.


The impact of the epidemic on top football clubs is undoubtedly huge. First of all, the macro blow of the sports industry will also be reflected on the club level, and the performance will be the bottleneck of commercial development and operation. Secondly, factors such as empty matches and reduced broadcast fees have directly led to a decline in club income. The authoritative organization German Transfer Market Network has generally lowered the value of players by 10%-20% after the epidemic, which is also a side manifestation of the tightening of the football market.


Take the four major leagues with greater influence as an example. The Premier League officials have complained about the loss of the league more than once. Premier League CEO Richard Masters said in an interview that the Premier League clubs suffered a total loss of 700 million pounds last season. The official statement stated that the inability of fans to enter the Premier League would cost the Premier League £100 million a month. The relatively healthy Bundesliga also suffered a blow. During the lockout period, many small and medium teams faced bankruptcy, and Dortmund suffered losses for the first time in ten years.

以影响较大的四个大联盟为例。英超联赛官员多次抱怨联赛失败。英超联赛首席执行官理查德·马斯特斯(Richard Masters)在接受采访时表示,上赛季英超俱乐部的总亏损为7亿英镑。官方声明说,球迷无法进入英超联赛将使英超联赛每月损失1亿英镑。相对健康的德甲联赛也遭受了打击。在停工期间,许多中小团队面临破产,多特蒙德十年来首次蒙受损失。

The situation in Serie A and La Liga is also extremely bad. The data released by Juventus shows that the club's loss last season reached 89.7 million euros, the highest value in a decade. Another giant Milan's loss of more than 100 million is a normalized event. La Liga giants Barcelona originally hoped to become the first club with a revenue exceeding one billion euros last season. However, the result of the epidemic is that revenue has stalled and losses have reached 98 million euros.


The financial shock has directly affected the transfer market this summer. Comparing this summer window with last year’s summer window, we will find that the characteristics of "income-reducing and reducing expenditure" are very obvious: this year, except for "the landlord’s family has surplus food," Chelsea’s net investment exceeded 100 million In addition, the scene of crazy money burning has greatly curtailed. Sevilla, which spends 10th on the money list, only invested 44 million euros. Last year, Real Madrid, Aston Villa and Inter Milan invested more than 100 million in net. Tottenham, with a net investment of 10th, also threw 78 million euros.


The same characteristics are also reflected in the data of total investment and player value. So far this summer, Chelsea’s 80 million euros have introduced Haverts. Such a "moderate" price has been in the past few seasons of football gold. Very rare. When Bayern and Real Madrid began to sell people as their main business, what other team would not work on improving their finances?


The epidemic has yet to show signs of ending, and fans cannot enter the stadium smoothly. Coupled with the slowing down of business development, European clubs are facing a very severe test. Under the once-in-a-hundred-year impact, maintaining the club’s survival has become the first priority, and finances are the biggest challenge to overcome difficulties. In the case of limited revenue in many ways, the Champions League bonus has become an important source of income to improve the team's finances.


As the influence of the Champions League continues to increase, the steadily increasing bonus distribution has become a well-known thing. In the 2014/15 season, the Champions League winner’s prize money was only 37.4 million euros. By the 2015/16 season, the total prize pool had increased to 1.25 billion euros, and the average prize money of the 32 teams was also around 40 million euros. In the 2018/19 season, the Champions League prize money skyrocketed again, with the total prize pool reaching 1.95 billion euros, an increase of nearly 54%, which can explain why the four major leagues compete so fiercely.


With the increase in the overall prize money of the Champions League, the first-tier teams will naturally get more income. According to the published data, in the 2018/19 season's Champions League income list, Barcelona, ​​Liverpool and Tottenham have exceeded 100 million euros. This record was refreshed again last season. Bayern, who won the championship, received an income of about 130 million euros, and the prize money in Paris was even higher than that of the Bundesliga hegemon. Even Atlanta, at the bottom of the top 16, can get close to 60 million euros.


According to the existing distribution rules, each of the 32 participating teams in the Champions League will receive 15.25 million euros. Each win in the group stage will get 2.7 million and a tie will also get 900,000. Each team earns 9.5 million to advance to the top 16, 10.5 million to advance to the top eight, 12 million to advance to the semi-finals, 15 million to enter the finals, and another 4 million for the final championship. "You can divide the money" seems to have become the invisible slogan of the Champions League, which is a huge temptation for any team.

根据现行的分配规则,欧洲冠军联赛的32支参赛球队将各获得1525万欧元。小组赛的每场胜利将获得270万,并且平局也将获得900,000。每支队伍的收入分别为950万和1050万,分别晋升到前16名,1050万和8百万,进入决赛的1500万,进入决赛的1500万,以及获得总冠军的400万。 “你可以分钱”似乎已经成为了欧洲冠军联赛的隐形口号,这对任何一支球队来说都是巨大的诱惑。

Huge income and extensive influence are the core competitiveness that the Champions League can give to the club. In the epidemic, such income is even more important. Of course, everything has two sides. If the tasteless Europa League can be strategically abandoned, the UEFA Champions League with huge bonuses cannot become the "secondary battlefield" of top clubs, which means that the team A lot of energy must be invested here.


Due to the postponement of the end of last season and the postponement of the European Cup to next year, the 2020/21 season will become the most compact season in history. Single-line teams will often face the test of a week’s double matches, not to mention double-line or third-line operations. Wealthy. Take the five-time champion Bayern in 2020 as an example. In the next 250 days, Bayern will play up to 56 games. In other words, taking the winter break into account, this king's division will average 4.5 days. A game is about to be completed. This will be an unprecedented schedule for the devil. Not to mention the Premier League, which is known for its dense competition.


The epidemic period has had a huge impact on the players’ physical fitness, and the intensive schedule has increased the risk of injury. This is why most mainstream leagues still implement the "five substitutions". People can also understand why the League Cup is so rich in gold. In low matches, Chelsea, Liverpool and other teams will choose to give up early.


The group draw has been determined, and the whistle of the match will be blown after three weeks. The Champions League is an opportunity and a challenge for the participating teams, and the event has also been given a more complex meaning. 2020 is destined to be a special year. There are too many uncertainties and many legends have been born. Fortunately, the top football matches are still around the fans, and competitive sports can inspire people to move forward. Spiritual weapons.

小组抽签已经确定,比赛三周后将吹响比赛的口哨声。冠军联赛对参赛队伍来说是机遇和挑战,而且赛事的含义也更为复杂。 2020年注定是特殊的一年。不确定性太多了,有许多传说诞生了。幸运的是,顶级足球比赛仍在球迷身边,竞技体育可以激励人们前进。精神武器。

If there is no cold winter, the crisis will be overcome by united efforts. The UEFA Champions League under the epidemic is still special, but dreams and feelings are intertwined. We overcome the difficulties together, we wait patiently, this is true for individuals, and the same is true for football. The purest football, the highest level of enjoyment, hope that all 32 teams will show their best state, and the football world will welcome the dawn together.


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