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01. Arsenal summer window personnel entry and exit list


02. The "Turning Point" of the Arsenal Summer Window


Let’s talk about Arsenal’s first "accident"


Sanley was fired, leaving Edu and Arteta to dominate




Yesterday MR briefly introduced Sanley


Gazidis’s "legacy" is for Arsenal to make a breakthrough in business (to put it bluntly is to make money)


Nike has a business background, first-class negotiation skills, wide contacts, and personal relationships with big-name brokers. Gazidis simply believed that the arrival of Sanley could not only use contacts to bring good players to Arsenal, but also bring better business cooperation for Arsenal. But Gazidis overlooked one item. Sanley was "a person who fully understands football." To put it bluntly, Sanley took the coach’s candidate list to try one by one. If not, just change one. He doesn’t care about the players themselves. "Quality", he has no ability to see the player's potential and strength.

耐克具有商业背景,一流的谈判技巧,广泛的联系以及与知名经纪人的私人关系。加济迪斯简单地认为,桑利的到来不仅可以通过接触将好的球员带到阿森纳,而且可以为阿森纳带来更好的业务合作。但是加济迪斯忽略了一项。桑利(Sanley)是“一个完全了解足球的人”。说白了,桑利(Sanley)拿了教练的候选人名单,一一尝试。如果没有,只需更改一个。他不在乎球员本身。 “素质”,他没有能力看到球员的潜力和力量。

Last year’s transfer is a good proof




Sanlei’s transfer operations are sometimes very unpredictable. He is not a person who "subjects" to the coach. Pepe’s arrival last year surprised the big guys. This is not Arsenal’s style (not only in the transfer fee). on).


He controlled almost everything in Arsenal by himself. At the time, Emery and Edu could only talk about his own thoughts. Sanley was the one who made the decision. I guess it also made the Kroenke and his son see. In the eyes.




The record is not ideal, the signings are not good, but the power is getting bigger and bigger, and in the end Sanley can only break up with Arsenal.


After that, the new trident appeared. Club director Venkat Shan, technical director Edu, and head coach Arteta. I don’t know much about Venkat Shan. This guy has been in Arsenal for a long time, but Judging from the signings this summer, he gave Edu and Arteta the greatest trust and support. I can only hope that he has strong ambitions to allow Arsenal to return to the ranks of the top giants.

之后,新的三叉戟出现了。俱乐部总监Venkat Shan,技术总监Edu和总教练Arteta。我对Venkat Shan不太了解。这个家伙已经在阿森纳呆了很长时间了,但是从今年夏天的签约来看,他给了Edu和Arteta最大的信任和支持。我只能希望他有雄心勃勃的野心,让阿森纳重返顶级豪门行列。



Let’s talk about the people who Arsenal thought can be cleansed first (according to the initial summary of the more reliable messages from all parties)




Lakazet, msitalian, No.10, torrela, gondozzi, ernini, Niles, berelin, korachinatz, chambers, holdin, mustafi, papar.




1. The epidemic has caused the suspension of the league and fans cannot enter the stadium. The ticket revenue alone has severely hit Arsenal's finances. Arsenal once thought about selling players and recovering funds to buy ideal targets.


3. If the contract is renewed with a high salary, it means that Arsenal will have three players over the age of 30 in the next year. At this stage, 31-year-old Aubameyang, 32-year-old William, and currently 29-year-old Lacazette. Is it in line with the team's future team building ideas? Should the team start a team building plan for the future? I believe both Edu and Arteta were aware of this problem.


1. In fact, from the information obtained by some more reliable reporters, Bellerin has indeed considered the possibility of leaving. Moreover, Arsenal's attitude towards him is not strong.


2. Injury history. Before this season, Bellerin played 34 times in the past two seasons, which means that his appearance rate was only about 30%. In addition, Niles played very stable after Arteta took office. There is Suarei at right back Si, if the offer is right, Bellerin will definitely be converted into cash.


After the end of last season, Edu and Arteta discussed strengthening the team based on sales.




But Oyar becomes Arsenal's prime target


The reason is slowly explained to everyone




Former Arsenal scout Kajigo is his loyal fan. Thomas was still in Almería in the 14/15 season. Kajigo once told Wenger that this player may be a top European central midfielder in the future. He is very suitable for Arsenal. Satisfied.

前阿森纳球探Kajigo是他的忠实粉丝。托马斯在14/15赛季仍在阿尔梅里亚。 Kajigo曾经告诉Wenger,这位球员将来可能会成为欧洲顶尖的中场球员。他非常适合阿森纳。满意。

However, Arsenal really started thinking about him in the Emery period, and it is regrettable that Sanley failed to bring Thomas to the Emirates Stadium in advance.


Before the end of last season, Arsenal have been in contact with the Thomas team. Africans have different feelings for Arsenal, which also makes the transaction easy.


This time we can complete the transaction, we have to thank our boss Kroenke for agreeing to fund Arsenal through loans to ensure that Arsenal can successfully sign Thomas.






Weibo host: Miss SKY


Editor-in-chief of some columns: Miss cheng


Frontline reporter and informant: ALEX Little W Freeman

前线记者兼线人:ALEX Little W Freeman

Proofread by: Quan Zhiyi forever


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